• Luisa Santiago is the prima ballerina for a major American ballet company. A native of El Salvador, she was orphaned by the Salvadoran Civil War and raised in the United States by her aunt. When her aunt is gunned down in a turf battle involving two rival gangs, she becomes obsessed with avenging her murder. Luisa meets a wealthy stranger who offers her the chance for revenge. There’s just one catch—she must become a vampire.

A tale of vampires, vengeance...

Horror fans and history buffs alike will find much to love in Mark Bradley’s new vampire novel The Offering. A blood-soaked tale of righteous vengeance, The Offering spans the centuries between ancient Maya civilization in El Salvador and contemporary Washington, D.C. The historically accurate elements of the novel, along with the modern setting, are what set The Offering apart from other vampire fiction.

The protagonist of the novel, Luisa Santiago, is the prima ballerina for the Capital Ballet. When her aunt becomes an inadvertent casualty in a Salvadoran youth gang shooting, revenge fills Santiago’s mind. One of the ballet’s wealthy patrons, Miguel Maldonado, reveals that he may be able to help bring the killers to justice. However, there is a catch—Maldonado is a vampire, and he wishes to turn the young ballerina into his companion

...and an ancient Maya curse

Santiago has a metaphysical connection to a long-perished civilization. She is the reincarnation of an important figure in Maya history. Her memories of that previous life are on a subconscious level, influencing her emotions and providing some visceral, but mysterious mental imagery. On the other hand, the vampires of the novel – Maldonado, as well as the leadership of the Mara Camazotza youth gang – have a direct connection to ancient history; they are all descendants of the Maya people.

Gang violence provides the modern setting for the novel, while also informing its historical elements. The blood sacrifices of the Maya and the senseless, rampant youth violence of the inner cities share many similarities. Tito Vazquez, leader of one of the most powerful gangs, and his lieutenants were powerful members of Maya society, and they’ve brought their affinity for bloody doings with them into modern-day Washington, D.C.

"A sizzling paranormal adventure that grabs you from the first pages!"
—Susana DePrada